Hi, I'm Erica Storm and I'm here to bring you the best in BWWM Romance. There are far too few stories about Black Women and White Men and I'm here to change that. 

Whenever someone speaks of interracial relationships or see covers of books, most of the time it involves Black Men and White women or  other race of women of color.

However, there are readers hungry to read about Black Women and White Men  because this relationship exist. It has always existed in one form or the other, and it's becoming more and more common to see Black women and White men together in lasting relationships, because our world views have changed.

If  you are here at my site you are hungry for those stories.

I'm a Black woman and I know first hand these relationships are here to stay and they are interesting and very erotic in nature and they withstand time.

So sit back and read some of the most erotic bwwm romance ever created for your enjoyment.